hey!! i'm jaz & i like musicals a lot. american idiot and newsies are my faves.

Hey @SantinoFontana, remember when we were in the mountains a week ago, playing Monopoly? #FreeParking #Vail

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Corey Cott + The Bells of Notre Dame.
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heathers + musical numbers

Once you were geeky and nerdy but they knew you’re dirty
You set them on fire
Whatever you require they’ll do so take them home to meet your parents
They’ll wear a suit and tie (and a fancy collar)
They’ll sing a lullaby (la la la la la)
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8 Original Newsies Cast Members

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Watch What Happens Reprise or 'That time Corey had absolutely no idea what the hell he was doing' (x)
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carrying the banner - ryan breslin

@uncle_bres: i feel… like a plastic bag drifting through the wind

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"[If I could be another newsie] I’d want to be one of the asian newsies, preferably Finch, ‘cause he’s full asian and I’m only half, so I really want to embody that. And he doesn’t do anything in the show so… that would be good too."

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there’s a place for us, a time and place for us. hold my hand and we’re halfway there. hold my hand and I’ll take you there… somehow, some day, somewhere!

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